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About us

I am a very keen club bowler, who, through lots of committee work both in my own club and Hertfordshire County Bowling Association, have become aware how difficult it can be for a bowls club to set up web pages.

I have therefore developed this site to enable all Lawn Green Bowls Clubs in the UK to have the opportunity to have a web presence with no hassle and very little computer knowledge. Where information can be updated when required by fax, email and telephone.

This site will also link to any Bowls Club site throughout the United Kingdom.

If your club would like a web presence or you would like your site displayed among these pages just e-mail me

I can set up your web page to your specification, altering it as and when you require, it can contain and looks better with pictures, graphics, drawings and text, whatever you want. You can e-mail, fax or talk to me on the telephone whenever. to update your site. I will assist you in the development of your web site in any way I can.

If you would like a web presence send me an
E Mail

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